Redland Bite Registration Material FAST Set (4x 50mL Cartridges) 

Mousse-Like And Thixotropic, Fluffy Vinyl Polysiloxane Material. Used For Bite Registration, Copying Transfers, And Primary Impression With Bite Trays. Thixotropic Material Has An Excellent Durometer Of Over 80 And Flows Easily, Yet Will Not Run Or Sag. Our Hard Bite Material Can Be Used In Conjunction With All Laser CAD/CAM Systems.

Features and Benefits:

Bite Registration Material Redland brand VPS Bite Registration Material flows easily without running or slumping, optimizing dimensional accuracy and minimizing distortion. HEXA describes its HEXA brand Bite Registration Material as mousse-like and fluffy. The thixotropic VPS material has a durometer of more than 80 and, according to the manufacturer, flows easily without running or sagging. In addition to bite registration, the material also is indicated for copying transfers and for primary impressions with bite trays. The “hard” bite material can be used in conjunction with all laser CAD/CAM systems.

Excellent Durometer Of Over 80

Easy Flow

Will Not Run Or Sag

Can Be Used With All CAD/CAM Systems

Set time : 30 Sec

Working Time : 1:30 min

Total Time : 2:00 min

Package Contents(4 x Bite Registration Material Cartridges 50mL)


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