Features & Benefits:

  • It made as diamond burs finally with certain cutting tissue adhesion or plating them with a certain angle of diamond particles, according to a certain direction, distance to the center of the stainless-steel burs.
  • The product is used for the treatment of drilling teeth in the oral cavity.
  • The burs is made of a pin handle and a pin.

Storage and duration

After packing, the needle should be stored in a room with relative humidity less than 80%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation. Under the condition that the needle is packed and abide by the storage rules, it shall be guaranteed not to rust in a year and a half.


Dental Root Canal Treatment: Hospital, Clinic, lab…

Competitive Advantage:

  • Diamond bur has a stainless-steel working part which is coated with fine diamond crystal.
  • It is defined as the rotary grinding instruments for hard tissues such as tooth and bones.
  • It is used connecting with dental handpiece.
  •  It can also be used for grinding metal, plastic, porcelain and other hard materials.

Includes: Redland Straight Ogival End Diamond Burs Multiple Sizes (25Pcs)



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